Booking For Mobile Disco Events In Oxford

Booking Information

When booking your mobile disco event its very important you book the correct information with us, this could be something simpie as the dates eg if you book us for 1st of july 2015 when you mean 2016 or June 2015 as we will turn up at the wrong date or not on the day of your event. generally this is not a problem but sometimes we think the information is obvious to the other person so we do not reiterate the correct informtion , especially if the event is far in the future.

The type of event you book for your mobile disco event is the next important fact for us to know when booking so we can give you a better quote , if you book us for a birthday party when the event is a wedding the quote we give you will be wrong as a wedding is a longer event and as we are booked for a shorter time we would need to get extra payment for us to stay the extra time for the event.

Ok now we will have the date & type of event we will ask for the mobile disco event location , once that is established its just a matter what time you want us to start and finish, generally weddings start around 6 or 7 then continue till about midnight.

So what are the price’s for all this you ask, good question. Prices for most mobile disco events are below, do keep in mind they are rough quotes as other things need to be included such as any extra time you may wish us to do e.g. starting earlier/ finishing later and if your mobile disco event is outside of oxford.

Price List

Weddings – £450

Birthdays parties – £180

Engagement parties – £180

Anniversarys – £180

Christmas parties – £250

Work Parties – £200

Kids Parties £90


At Bigshow Disco Oxford we have a booking policy for booking all mobile disco events in oxford, we have to take a deposit to make sure are customers are commited to the event they are planning and to make sure we commit to you, Some mobile disco oxford companies will take a booking for a birthday party and then get a 2nd booking for more money so they cancel at the last minute leaving the clients party stuck without a disco for the birthday party they were originally booked to do. When we get your deposit we will not let you down for your mobile disco event.

The second reason we must take a deposit for every booking is to ensure that the client does not cancel our services at last minute as they found a cheaper mobile disco for their event. We have have taken open bookings where this has happened in the past and then heard back from the client to find out that the Mobile disco company did the disco with a home stereo and no disco lighting where also the music would stop while the cd was changed. This left most guest unhappy and they left earlier than 9 in the evening when the party started at 8.

So how much is the deposit…

The deposit is Just £50 (Non Refundable).  This can be paid in cash or by paypal. We can supply an invoce/reciept for the deposit on request.

Once you have made your deposit you just pay the rest on the night of the mobile disco event or earlier if your wish. If you wish to pay the full amount email us with your booking details and we will sort out you payment.

Make Your Deposit For Your Event Below

£52.00 Deposit (Including £2 Admin Fee) Disco Event

£104.00 Deposit (Including £4 Admin Fee) Weddings

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